About Us

Six Degrees Research represents forty collective years of experience in connecting outstanding professionals with firms that understand and appreciate their value.

Our founders formerly occupied corner offices in the bluest of blue-chip recruiting and Fortune 500 firms. If they thought those old models still worked, they’d still have those corner offices.

But blue-chip firms are often the last to see the light. Our principals saw it early and clearly. Six Degrees Research and its leading edge methodology are the result—a ‘new-chip’ firm.

We offer a better way to serve exceptional individuals who believe they can move industries — and often do so.

With our longstanding relationships, our experience, and our recognition that the old ways are long gone, we are ideally positioned to be change leaders — in our industry and in the careers of the professionals we identify for our clients.

Our job is simple: we identify exceptional candidates who are qualified for exceptional positions. We do not offer resume polishing, interview coaching or any other service. The men and women of the caliber we serve have long ago mastered these basic tools.

We know the positions that our Fortune 1000 clients, boutique search firms and prestigious public accounting firms retain us to help fill. We know the experience, skills, and personal chemistry they require. We know the career pathways they offer. And we are confident that the professionals like you that we approach will find it rewarding to complete the connection we offer.

Our research team knows the markets and the key players. They are attuned in every possible way, from social networks and a myriad of digital resources to old-fashioned word-of-mouth, peer-about-peer referrals.

When we approach a professional like you, it’s because we know we represent lucrative, career-enhancing opportunities. And because these are ‘live’ opportunities, when you respond with interest, you’ll be contacted within hours, even minutes, (on your terms, of course) by a senior level person from our client company. You’ll get all the details and have all questions answered.

Unlike firms that earn sizable commissions when their candidates are hired, we have no financial stake in the outcome of our searches.

We are retained on a fee basis by the Fortune 1000 companies, public accounting firms and boutique search firms we serve. Our clients pay us to find the limited number of ‘you’s’ in your industry. Once we’ve found you, our job is simply to tell you about opportunity. We don’t sell you — we inform you. If you’re interested, we connect you. The hiring firm takes over from there.

This profoundly shapes our practice—and our candidates’ experiences. We are unbiased in our recommendations. If we say there is an outstanding opportunity for you — there is an outstanding opportunity for you. Our relationship with our clients and the professionals we contact depends on that. And our obligation ends with that.